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We have some tutorial and proceedings available for CHI-Mexico members. Please contact Alfredo Sanchez at: if you are interested in borrowing this material.

1991 - 1992 - 1993 - 1995 - 1997 - 1998 - 1999


Database Methods for Hypertext: Introduction
Frank Wm. Tompa, Darrell R. Raymond
Hypertext 91. 15/12/91

Database Methods for Hypertext: Advanced
Frank Wm. Tompa, Darrell R. Raymond
Hypertext 91. 15/12/91

Informe de Actividades 1991 - Reporte No. 1
Marzo 91

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An adaptive sorting algorithm for the Connection Machine CM-2
Vladimir Estivill Castro, Derick Wood
Reporte No.2. 1992

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Introduction to Virtual Environments and Advanced Interfaces
Daria Bergen, James K. Hahn , Robert J.K. Jacob
The Fifth ACM Conference On Hypertext. 14/11/93

Interactive Demonstrations and Posters
William Jones, Roland Faragher, Gary Perlman
The Fifth ACM Conference On Hypertext. 16/11/93

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Agent Theories, Architectures and Languages
Mike Wooldridge & Nick Jennings
1995 International Conference on Multi-Agent Systems. 11/6/95

Multi-Agent Systems Tools and Research Methods
Keith Decker
1995 International Conference on Multi-Agent Systems. 11/6/95

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Model-Driven User Interface Design: A Usage-Centered Approach
Larry L. Constantine & Lucy A. D. Lockwood
User Interface 97. 5/11/97

Interviewing Customers: Discovering What They Can't Tell You
Dr. Ellen Isaacs
User Interface 97. 5/11/97

Visual Design for Information Products
Mary Mooney
User Interface 97. 5/11/97

Designing with the Mind in Mind
Dr. Thomas Hewett
User Interface 97.

Adventures in Avatar Cyberspace: Interacting and Designing in Virtual Worlds on the Web
Bruce Damer
User Interface 97. 5/11/97

Effective Web Site Design
Dr. Wayne Neale
User Interface 97. 5/11/97

Featured Talks
Jared M. Spool
User Interface 97. 5/11/97

Design For Emerging Web Technologies
Marc Retting and Eric Lunt
User Interface 97. 5/11/97

Designing Useful Web Sites
Dr. Jakob Nielsen
User Interface 97. 5/11/97

Digital Storytelling and Computer Game Design
Thom Gillespie
CHI 97 Tutorial 6. 23/3/97

Spoken Dialogue Interfaces
Susann LuperFoy
CHI 97 Tutorial 7. 23/3/97

WIzards, Coaches, Advisors, and More: A Performance Support Primer
Karen L. McGraw & Bruce A. McGraw
CHI 97 Tutorial 8. 23/3/97

Activity Theory: Basic Concepts and Applications
Victor Kaptelinin & Bonnie A. Nardi
CHI 97 Tutorial 11. 23/3/97

Designinig User Interfaces from Analyses of Users' Tasks
Peter Johnson, Stephanie Wilson, Hilary Johnson
CHI 97 Tutorial 12. 23/3/97

Getting Started on a Contextual Project
Karen Holtzblatt, Hugh Beyer
CHI 97 Tutorial 14. 23/3/97

Contextual Design: Using Customer Work Models to Drive Systems Design
Karen Holtzblatt, Hugh BeyerCHI 97
Tutorial 24. 24/3/97

OVID: Object View and Interaction Design
Richard Berry, Scott Isensee, Dave Roberts
CHI 97 Tutorial 25. 24/3/97

Multimedia Visual Interface Design
Susan E. Metros, John G. Hedberg
CHI 97 Tutorial 27. 24/3/97

Creating Conversational Interfaces for Interactive Software Agents
Tandy Trower
CHI 97 Tutorial 31. 24/3/97

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Technical Papers
Haptic Technologies Inc.

Human-Computer Interaction: Introduction and Overview
Keith A. Butler, Robert J. K. , Bonnie E. John
CHI 98 Vol 1. 18,23/4/98

Introduction To Web Design
Jakob Nielsen
CHI 98 Vol 2. 18,23/4/98

Information Visualization
Nahum Gershon, Stuart Card, Stephen G. Eick
CHI 98 Vol 3. 18,23/4/98

Planning And Implementing User-Centred Design
Nigel Bevan, Ian Curson
CHI 98 Vol 4. 18,23/4/98

Product Usability: Survival Techniques
Jared M. Spool, Tara Scanlon, Carolyn Snyder
CHI 98 Vol. 5. 18,23/4/98

Java Based User Interface Desing and Development
Manfred Tscheligi, Verena Giller
CHI 98 Vol. 6. 18,23/4/98

Cognitive Factors in Design: Basic Phenomena in Human Memory and Problem Solving
Thomas T. Hewett
CHI 98 Vol 7. 18,23/4/98

CSCW, Groupware and Workflow: Experiences, State of the Art and Future Trends
Steven Poltrock, Jonathan Grudin
CHI 98 Vol. 8. 18,23/4/98

Network Communities, Community Networks
John M. Carroll, Mary Beth Rosson
CHI 98 Vol. 9. 18,23/4/98

Structured Observation : Practical Methods for Understanding Users and Their Work Context
Susan M. Dray
CHI 98 Vol. 10. 18,23/4/98

Practical GUI Screen Design: Making it Usable
Cliff Wilding
CHI 98 Vol. 11. 18,23/4/98

The Usability Engineering Life Cycle
Deborah J. Mayhew
CHI 98 Vol. 12. 18,23/4/98

Metaphor Design for User Interfaces
Aaron Marcus
CHI 98 Vol. 13. 18,23/4/98

Designing Speech User Interfaces
Nicole Yankelovich, Jennifer Lai
CHI 98 Vol.14. 18,23/4/98

Website Design from the Trenches
Tom Brinck Darren Gergle, Scott Wood
CHI 98 Vol. 15. 18,23/4/98

What Children Can tell Us About Technology: The CHIkids Model of Technology Immersion
Angela Boltman, Allison Druin
CHI 98 Vol. 16. 18,23/4/98

Getting Started on a Contextual Project
Karen Holtzblatt & Hugh Beyer
CHI 98 Vol. 17. 18,23/4/98

Drawing On the Right Side Of The Brain
Betty Edwards
CHI 98 Vol. 18,19,20. 18,23/4/98

Developing Collaborative Applications on the World Wide Web
Andreas Girgensohn & Allison Lee
CHI 98 Vol. 21. 18,23/4/98

The Psychology Of Multimedia Principles Of Perception And Cognition
Douglas J. Gillan
CHI 98 Vol. 22. 18,23/4/98

Information Visualization: Advanced Interface And Web Design
Ben Shneiderman, Catherine Plaisant
CHI 98 Vol. 23. 18,23/4/98

Web Sites That Work: Designing With Your Eyes Open
Jared M. Spool, Will Schroeder, Tara Scanlon, Carolyn Snyder
CHI 98 Vol.24. 18,23/4/98

Contextual Design: Using Customer Work Models to Drive Systems Design
Karen Holtzblatt, Hugh Beyer
CHI 98 Vol.25. 18,23/4/98

The Art of the Interface: Visual Ideas, Principles and Inspiration for Interface Designers
Suzanne Watzman
CHI 98 Vol. 26. 18,23/4/98

Selling Usability Into Organisations: Strategies for Convincing People of the Value of Usability
Sarah Bloomer, Rachel Croft, Susan Wolfe
CHI 98 Vol. 27. 18,23/4/98

Avoiding Damned Lies: Understanding Statistical Ideas
Alan Dix
CHI 98 Vol. 28. 18,23/4/98

Designing Shared Virtual Environments
Andrew McGrath, Amanda Oldroyd
CHI 98 Vol. 29. 18,23/4/98

Distance Learning
Lisa Neal
CHI 98 Vol. 30. 18,23/4/98

Applying CHI in Health Care: Domain Issues, Resources And Requirements
John W. Gosbee
CHI 98 Vol. 31. 18,23/4/98

Conceptual Design: From User Requirements to User Interface
Kathy Potosnak
CHI 98 Vol. 32. 18,23/4/98

Designing User Interfaces for Television
Dale Herigstad, Anna Wichansky
CHI 98 Vol. 33. 18,23/4/98

User Interfaces Specifications: Techniques for Conveying Design Information
Paul Mclnerney
CHI 98 Vol. 34. 18,23/4/98

Managing Color In Interactive Systems
Mary A. Mooney
CHI 98 Vol. 35. 18,23/4/98

Current Issues In Web Design
Jakob Nielsen, Bruce "Tog" Tognazzini, Erika Kindlund
CHI 98 Vol. 36. 18,23/4/98

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Human Computer Interaction: introduction and overview
Kevin A. Butler, Robert J.K., Bonnie E. John
CHI 99 Tutorial Notes No. 1

User Interface Design for the Web
David Shen, Irene Au, Brian Buschmann
CHI 99 Tutorial Notes No. 2

Practical Usability Methods in Website Design
Darren Gergle, Tom Brinck, Scott Wood
CHI 99 Tutorial Notes No. 6

Visual Design for E-Commerce and Performance Tools
Aaron Marcus, Edward Guttman
CHI 99 Tutorial Notes No. 7

Successful Strategies for Selling Usability into Organizations
Sarah Bloomer, Susan Wolfe
CHI 99 Tutorial Notes No. 8

Designing Speech User Interfaces
Jennifer Lai, Nicole Yankelovich
CHI 99 Tutorial Notes No. 13

Design Issues for Next Generation Interfaces
Anne Schur, Scott D. Decker, Richard May
CHI 99 Tutorial Notes No. 16

Web Sites That Work: Designing With Your Eyes Open
Jared M. Spool, Carolyn Snyder, Matthew Klee
CHI 99 Tutorial Notes No. 22

Current Issues in Web Design: Building the Network Economy
Jakob Nielsen, Rolf Molich, Bruce "Tog" Tognazzini
CHI 99 Tutorial Notes No. 32

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